Base Rates

Butoh Workshop, minimum: $50 an hour + Travel.

Performance, $300 for solo, +$100 for due +$50 for each member of group.  Negotiable based on empathetic attractors ...

Art Works: Paintings and Sculptures and Photo Works: Varied.  Prices are at least 50 percent below comparative fair value ... but still ... we make deals ... we don't care how much people pay for junk, we want to help people who care about good work to have an opportunity to have it.

Photo Shoots:

Hire us to take your photo: $50 an hour + travel.  If you like what you see and want Sierra and I to make pictures of you in a similar aesthetic.  $75 an hour if you want standard portraits, weddings, parties, sans our inspired flare.  If your taste is really an assault to our senses, but you still want to hire us, $100 an hour.

Hire us to be in your photo: $100-150 an hour + travel.  If you like what you see and want to take pictures of us, we're happy to oblige ... the more ambitious and unexpected the project the better.  If you are interested in being more then a genre photographer and doing original work, you have come to the right place ... our performance training is specifically geared towards creating and maintaining unique and original forms and environments.  You will hire two people the first time, for our safety, and security, so we can get to know you.

If you are already your own unique artist who thinks we need to collaborate, sans cost, just take a careful look at what we already make, before you propose something ... we like real connection, we don't like defensiveness, not listening, attempts at hustling.