Her Film by Alexander Haverfield

Her Film


This is her film. A man loves a woman so much that he agrees to give her unbearable pleasure. They go to a cave of a house. He ties her up. Then over a long time he approaches, days; slowly his touch builds. Time becomes unaccountable before he touches her genitals; they both should have dried out. It’s a week before the tip of his cock touches her. For much of the time, he almost doesn’t move. Her pleasure grows and she cannot stand it. It’s impossible for her to accept more pleasure, but she is helpless. He loves her until her life dissolves. She dies and her body floats up into the air above him, through the ropes. She hovers there, free of everything. He did not expect her to die, or he did. But he is so sad, he cannot move. The whole weight of him, the gravity is unaccountable. Time and gravity, both are unaccountable. Frozen in his sorrow, he may not ever move again.

The vastness of their connection, their love, is so big, that it causes the earth to open. All of the other humans on earth die and some of the animals die. But somehow everyone knew this would happen.

Before this man loved this woman so much that he was able to give her unbearable pleasure there was a film that told the future. In this film, this same man makes love to this same woman until her flesh dissolves and her spirit floats above the brokenhearted man, frozen in his cave, where he is the only human left living in the world, because everyone else was killed by the power of this act of love. The man and the woman starred in this film. Many people saw this film and most of them died. At first it was seen in only a few theaters. And it was hard for people to believe the coincidence that so many people would die in theaters wherever this movie played. But the film was so beautiful, and the lure of the risk of watching the film was so great, that it played the world over, and almost everyone who went to see it died. And the few that survived were so moved by the beauty of the love of this film that they recommended it to everyone, if ever they were able to speak again. The man and the woman saw this film. It is unclear whether they believed the film. It is unclear how they felt to see themselves in the film. It is unclear if they were aware that they had acted in this film. It is unclear whether the film gave them the idea to enact the film. In any case, watching the film did not discourage them from trying to fulfill this woman’s wish for unbearable pleasure.

The man gives the woman unbearable pleasure. It kills her. The massiveness of this act of love causes worldwide earthquakes that swallow every human left alive on earth and some of the animals. The woman floats, translucent, at the ceiling above the man who is frozen in sorrow, because his love, his generosity and great feeling killed the woman he loved and isolated him completely. She floats above him. He does not move for one hundred years.

There was a second film. A sequel, but it is lost. No one saw it. Everyone was already dead. But this film is not nearly as good as the first film, in fact, it is really a bad film, so it is no great loss that it was not seen. In this film the love between the man and the woman, or you could say the man’s love and the woman’s love for what the man did for her are so great that she comes alive again, or that finally he is able to die and they are reincarnated. In their reincarnation they are the only man and woman living on earth. There are some animals. The man and the woman do not remember each other or what they did, but they somehow remember each other, internally from before. They are completely drawn together, but the internal feeling is so strong, that they are afraid of each other. For their whole lives they are never far from each other, and they watch each other, but they never draw close, they never touch. The feeling is too strong between them. Eventually they grow old and get weak and die and that is finally the end of all human life. It is a long film. It doesn’t matter which of them died first, but the film ends soon after the second death and the reels of the film are put into storage somewhere and forgotten about.